Bliss Out Over Tons of California Tulips

Alysia Gray Painter, NBC Los Angeles April 20, 2020 WHEN YOU SEE A TULIP, you know a tulip. You’re probably never going to turn to a friend and inquire about the flower type, or open an app that guides you to various types of flora. Because the tulip, like the rose, has reputation that is as solid and celebrated as its … Read More

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Springtime comes to Ananda, Nevada City … with a twist

The Union | Tom Durkin| April 7, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic can’t stop spring. Flowers are blossoming and trees are leafing out and blooming. In these times of high stress and isolation, mental health experts recommend getting back in touch with the beauty and serenity of nature – as long as you stay socially distant from other people. The Springtime … Read More

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Waterfalls & Wildflowers

San Joaquin Magazine | March 2020 Crystal Hermitage is part of Ananda Village and Ananda International, a spiritual community located about 30 minutes from downtown Nevada City. The quaint community opens its gardens year round for visitors, acting as a tranquil space to meditate alongside the property’s spiritual vibrations or simply walk the grounds admiring the floral phenomenon. April at … Read More