The Language of Flowers

Did you know tulips symbolize perfect love? Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips: true love Purple tulips: royalty Blue tulips: tranquility and peace Dark blue: truth Yellow tulips: cheerfulness and hope Pink tulips: happiness, confidence, affection, and caring White tulips: purity, worthiness, forgiveness, honor, and holiness Orange tulips: joyfulness Variegated tulips represent … Read More

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Ananda Tulip Garden Reopens To Public

After a two-year closure, due to the pandemic, Ananda’s glorious tulip garden is now open in North San Juan. The Crystal Hermitage Garden meticulously plants over 17-thousand tulips, as well as other spring flowers, each year. And viewing time is usually limited to just April and sometimes early May, depending on the weather. Lead garden designer, Nancy Mair, says the … Read More