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Manager’s Message

Dear Tulip Lovers,

In response to the current situation with Corona Virus (COVID-19) sadly, we are cancelling Springtime at Ananda.

When the tulips start to bloom we will provide fun tulip videos that will show you the glory of the gardens throughout the season.

Also, we are planning to open the beautiful gardens in August for “Summertime at Ananda”. We will share more information about this on our website, also. We will miss seeing you this Springtime, but we hope you can visit us in August to enjoy our summer gardens. We look forward to seeing you then.

Please stay well, surround yourself with God’s light, and share that light with all.

Our gardeners and staff send blessings to you,

Crystal Hermitage Manager


Explore free online events from Ananda centers, meditation groups and communities around the world.

  • Learn to meditate
  • Guided meditations
  • Spiritual and inspiration talks
  • Chants and singing
  • Affirmations
  • Healing prayers global healing
  • Sunday Service
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Did you know that….

  • in 1969 Swami Kriyananda established Ananda Village, an intentional spiritual community based on the teachings of the great yoga Master Paramhansa Yogananda.
  • in 1968 a friend built the original dome structure.
  • in 1983 an inheritance from Swami Kriyananda’s parents inspired him to build “a beautiful spiritual center for our whole Ananda community. It would also be my home.
  • in 1984 the main building in the upper garden was completed. Kriyananda named his newly developed home, “Crystal Hermitage.” He consulted local architects, builders, and landscapers, and together with them created beautiful upper and lower gardens and pools.
  • in 2009 the gardens opened to the public for the first time.
  • The gardens were inspired by Butchart Gardens.
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Weddings and Special Events

Sweeping vistas, luxurious gardens, pristine woods, and river canyon views makes Crystal Hermitage an ideal setting for your wedding day. Whether the plan is for a small gathering in the lovely stone chapel or a larger garden wedding surrounded by nature’s bouquet, the beauty and harmony of Crystal Hermitage is a perfect place for engagement, a wedding, or the celebrate the beginning of a new life or the end of a journey.


Garden Lover’s Cottage

Make your visit extra special!

  • Avoid the crowds. Guests get after hours access to the tulip gardens.
  • Experience life in a spiritual community.
  • Explore and meditate in sacred temples, Lahri Mandir, Temple of Light and Moksha Mandir.
  • Drop in for daily yoga and meditations at Expanding Light Retreat or Ananda Meditation Retreat.
  • Hike Ananda’s private hiking trails or unlimited trails at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, Tahoe National Park, Independence trail, and South Yuba State Park.
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Or call 530-478-7587

Spiritual Retreats, Meditation and Yoga Programs

Interested in expanding your Springtime experience? For more than 50 years, people have traveled from around the world to deepen their life through visits to our nearby retreat centers. Ananda Village is home to The Expanding Light Retreat, and nearby you will find the Ananda Meditation Retreat. Uplifting retreat programs with accommodations and dining are available year-round. Extend your connection through our online courses and virtual community at

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Absolutely stunning display of tulips as well as other flowers and trees. Well worth the price of admission. I won’t hesitate to visit again next year.Benjamin Takemoto-Like
This has been an annual destination for our family for the last 10 years. HAPPY, JOYFUL . . . the gardens and the people. I always walk away feeling inspired and uplifted.Niranjana Kushler
Beautiful flowers and overall setting. A lovely, but winding drive to get there via Nevada City. Be sure to stop and view the South Fork Yuba river with rushing water and huge, smoothed boulders. Ananda is peaceful and serene. Go midweek if you can!Connie G.
This is a wonderful place to be especially during the season in April when all the tulips are blooming. The gardens are stunning with many varieties of tulips in various sizes and amazing colors. There are 2 different garden areas an upper garden and a lower garden. It is about 20 minutes outside of Nevada City but is still considered Nevada City. There is a small view of the Yuba River from the property in one area. It is also a very spiritual site, and they have a beautiful chapel there with stained glass windows. They have a cafe on the property but I’m not sure how often they are open and we ate on the way back in Nevada City which has many good restaurants.Bruce G.