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Crystal Hermitage is a must visit if you like Tulips !!! The Tulips bloom in the spring you can call and check on there status of them before you go. We went twice this season and it was a great trip both times !!! – Goldsmith

My husband and I come up to Nevada City about once every six weeks. We’ve been doing this for years but never knew about this sublime place until this last weekend What a speical place! it was still tulip season. The photos do not do this place justice. It is absolutely magical! Gorgeous displays of flowers everywhere, a pristine mediation space perched on the mountain with a spectacular view, and many relaxing water features. Everywhere you look is something beautiful which gives you a lift and feeling of happiness. When the tulip season is over the garden is replanted so if you miss the spring season it is still a lovely place to visit. I can’t stop thinking about it and will definitely be back. it is about 15 minutes outside Nevada City. As much as we love Nevada City, if I could only choose one due to time limitation issues, I would choose the Crystal Hermitage Gardens. It is really wonderful and will do a lot for your inner being! Enjoy!. – BluEmu1

Five of us visited on a Friday, the middle of April. What a treat and so very beautiful. Being a gardener, I couldn’t help but notice there were no weeds growing within the flower beds. All the tulips were in bloom along with hydrangeas, rhododendrons, snaps, and flowering trees. The cost is six dollars to get in and parking can be limited with very few handicap areas which we needed. The ground can be uneven and we saw several people arriving in wheelchairs and with canes. The people with wheelchairs were unable to go beyond the bottom level pathways as there were many steps and different levels. Do take your cameras as it’s a photographers dream! -Blooms65

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