What to expect during a visit

It’s our annual pilgrimage to see the tulips at the Crystal Hermitage Gardens near Grass Valley California. It’s a 6 hour round trip for us! Was it worth it? Watch our video to find out. I hope you enjoy! Please like/thumbs up and comment as I would love to hear what you think. About Stephanie: I’m Stephanie , Mother of … Read More

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Springtime at Ananda 2019

It’s starting. Creating a beautiful tulip garden is not a simple task. Scores of volunteers and staff, like Ric have already planted 6,000 bulbs and 2,000 bedding plants such as pansies and forget me not. Planting starts with pulling out existing summer garden plants and flowers. Then we prep the soil, plant bulbs, go back over the planted bulbs and … Read More

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Best Trip Advisor Reviews

Best Trip Advisor Reviews Crystal Hermitage is a must visit if you like Tulips !!! The Tulips bloom in the spring you can call and check on there status of them before you go. We went twice this season and it was a great trip both times !!! – Goldsmith My husband and I come up to Nevada City about … Read More


Tulip Bloom Update

Live video reports from the garden. The garden still be beautiful for Mother’s Day. Make plans to visit with Mom. Wow! We can’t believe the tulips are still going strong. If you’re coming this weekend expect an array of zinnias, the brush peony is gracing us with her beauty and the dogwood tree is simply a delight! I almost forgot … Read More

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Peak tulip season brightens up Nevada County community

Deep reds, vibrant blues, fiery oranges: You will find those colors and more lighting up a hillside in Nevada City. It’s peak tulip season at the Crystal Hermitage Garden in Ananda Village. Every year, the spiritual and wellness based community plants over 17,000 tulip bulbs. In April, they all bloom for a vibrant show. Nancy Mair is the garden designer. … Read More

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Thousands of blooms seen at Crystal Hermitage Gardens

Reporter: Joanne Skelly I just returned from visiting beautiful gardens filled with amazing tulips, pansies, flowering cherry trees and many other lovely blooms. They’re the Crystal Hermitage Gardens, located on the outskirts of Nevada City. They were recently chosen one of the 14 most beautiful gardens in the West by AAA, a well-deserved accolade. Every spring, when the 17,000 tulips … Read More


Photography Guidelines

Photography is a wonderful way to remember your visit at Crystal Hermitage Gardens. For your own enjoyment, visitors are welcome to take photographs and videos during their visit. Handheld cameras and camera phones are welcome. Photography must be conducted without disruption to Crystal Hermitage operations or limitation to the accessibility of other guests, including doorways, pathways, and high traffic areas. … Read More


Free Tulip Viewing Itineraries

NCNGRR Railbus Rides 32nd Annual Nevada City Spring Run/Walk Grab a lunch or bring your own lunch for a picnic on the lawn at Master’s Market & Deli.