The Language of Flowers

Did you know tulips symbolize perfect love? Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips: true love Purple tulips: royalty Blue tulips: tranquility and peace Dark blue: truth Yellow tulips: cheerfulness and hope Pink tulips: happiness, confidence, affection, and caring White tulips: purity, worthiness, forgiveness, honor, and holiness Orange tulips: joyfulness Variegated tulips represent … Read More

Gardening Tips

Winter Garden Inspiration

Excerpt from From the Spirit of Gardening. Winter is more quiet and introspective time.  The sky is paler blue, the days are shorter, and less time is spend out in the garden—if any time at all.  In most areas, Nature uses this season to rest. The focus shifts to the design of the landscape, the structures, and foundation plantings.  The color … Read More