Garden Accessibility

We get a lot of questions about the garden’s accessibility for wheel chairs and while, we have limited accessibility blogger Jeri writes, “Although the gardens are not 100% accessible for wheelchair users or others who cannot climb stairs, I believe there is enough access to make it worth a visit.”

She writes, “While my initial fear was that the gardens were inaccessible to wheelchair users or people with mobility challenges (due to the many sets of stairs used to access the garden terraces) I’m glad to say I was wrong!” Her blog she photographs the areas and describes how to access it.

You can follow Jeri on her blog, Anything is Possible, Exploring Near and Far, and Mindful of Wheelchair Accessibility.


  1. Thank you to Jeri, for giving such a complete map of visiting the gardens for those with limited mobility. Adding the photos gives one confidence to trust the paths, and thus make the effort to make the journey to the gardens.

  2. I didn’t know you existed until I just read it in the University of CA Newsletter

    1. Sandra,

      Thanks for letting us know University of CA Newsletter wrote about us. Could you send us a link? We hope you will visit us soon.

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