Did you know tulips symbolize perfect love?

Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance.

  • Red tulips: true love
  • Purple tulips: royalty
  • Blue tulips: tranquility and peace
  • Dark blue: truth
  • Yellow tulips: cheerfulness and hope
  • Pink tulips: happiness, confidence, affection, and caring
  • White tulips: purity, worthiness, forgiveness, honor, and holiness
  • Orange tulips: joyfulness
  • Variegated tulips represent beautiful eyes
  • A tulip wedding bouquet represents elegance and grace

We planted over 90 varieties of mid and late season Dutch bulbs this year, here’s our fun tulip quiz or use it as a guide during your visit. As you walk around, explore how many of these you can find.

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