Come for the tulips, and experience even more

Plan to spend the day with us! Experience the peaceful atmosphere of a longstanding spiritual community on 700 acres in the Sierra foothills.

Skip the line at the Tulip Garden, and enjoy any or all of our additional activities, including tours, classes, and demonstrations throughout the Ananda Village community. Don’t forget to stop at the Garden Boutique on your way out for a 10% discount with your Deluxe badge. Read below for more details of the fun to be had – kid-friendly!

Upgrade to a VIP badge to include a vegetarian buffet lunch served at the Expanding Light Retreat. Note, to take advantage of this option, you must order at least 2-days in advance of your visit.

Tickets are limited and we expect to sell out, so reserve your ticket early.

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Garden Entry


Weekend Day Visit
  • Tulip Garden Entry
  • Meditation & Yoga Classes
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Enjoy express entry with your Deluxe badge and wander through our beautiful Crystal Hermitage gardens filled with 17,000 freshly planted tulips and a multitude of other flowers and plants. Make sure to visit our little chapel, peaceful pools, and the Moksha Mandir (a beautiful meditation room with an incredible view).

Don’t forget to stop by the Garden Boutique before you go for 10% discount with your Deluxe badge or 15% discount with your VIP badge.

  • Ananda Yoga Class: Free to all, deluxe badge not required! Yoga in it’s physical form is principally meant to help prepare your body to sit comfortably for meditation. Ananda Yoga emphasizes inner awareness, energy control, and the experience of each pose as a natural expression of a higher state of consciousness; this is enhanced by the use of affirmations during poses. Ananda Yoga is very gentle and is not as rigorous as other well-known Yoga varieties. Come prepared for a relaxing and inward experience, and then, if you like, stay right afterwards for an introduction to meditation. There are yoga mats and other tools available for use, but consider bringing your own mat as well.
  • How to Meditate Class: Free to all, deluxe badge not required! Learn how to meditate for the first time, or if you already meditate, learn to bring more concentration and joy to your practice. Develop your own meditation practice as central to finding inner peace and bringing greater balance into your life. In this class, you will explore tools and practices to improve concentration, focus your energy, develop calmness and well-being, awaken your inner happiness, and find purpose in life. Paramhansa Yogananda brought centuries-old, time-tested, scientific techniques of meditation from India to the West. The technique of meditation you will be exposed to, he called “one of India’s greatest gifts to the world.”
Experience the uplifting atmosphere of Ananda Village with various tours and activities led by Ananda Village residents:

  • Sharing Nature Activity: Join us for an activity led by a Sharing Nature Worldwide ambassador. Established in 1979 by naturalist and internationally renowned author Joseph Cornell (a resident here at Ananda Village since the 1970’s), Sharing Nature is a world-wide movement, using creative, life-changing nature activities to help children and adults deepen their relationship with nature. The method used to accomplish this transformation is Flow Learning™, a playful and inspirational teaching strategy that takes people where they are and gently brings them to a more profound experience of nature. Joseph Cornell has written many books on nature; his first book, Sharing Nature with Children, has been published in twenty languages and sold half a million copies.
  • Yogoata Goat Tour: Availability limited to first 20 guests per day. Visit our energetic dairy goat farmer and her furry friends, including 21 milking goats (we expect to have 6 little babies by April), and 7 mow goats (affectionately called the “Mowgoatas”), who help prevent wildfires by eating away at the vegetation on the property. The herd also includes 4 donkeys, who protect the group from wild mountain lions, as well as 30 chickens, 14 ducks and 1 guinea fowl (for good measure, of course!). Yogoata makes fresh raw goat dairy products for residents of Ananda Village, such as milk, yogurt, kefir, and cheese. You may also get to see some beehives that our resident bee-keeper lovingly tends to, and have an opportunity to try the milk and honey from the land. Note: Be ready for a bit of a hike, as the tour may involve a short 10-15 minute stroll uphill to visit where the goats are relaxing.
  • Temple of Light Tour: Walk through our expansive NEW Temple of Light, which just opened under a year ago. Ananda Village recently celebrated its 50th anniversary along with the dedication of the Temple of Light in July 2019. The Temple of Light is dedicated to all religions and was built to serve not only the Ananda family, but as a beacon of blessings to uplift the entire world. Areas of the temple sanctuary honor Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam. Be prepared to remove your shoes before entering the sanctuary and we also try to maintain silence inside of the sanctuary.
  • Expanding Light Retreat Center Tour: Visit The Expanding Light Retreat, a full-service center which offers over 100 programs annually, including a Karma Yoga service program, and teacher trainings in yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, and counseling. The Retreat also offers three daily vegetarian meals, as well as massage and other personal services.
  • Blacksmith Shop Open House: Chat with Ric Moorhouse, our resident Blacksmith as he works in his shop. Watch him build a cool tool such as a twisted hook, and ask questions about his process. A favorite experience from last year!
  • Luthiery Open House: Visit Christian Salisbury of Christian Allen Luthiery at his 900-square-foot shop. Here he specializes in building high-end custom instruments, with a focus on electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Christian was recently featured in Comstock’s Magazine on “Young Entrepreneurs Are Staking Claims in the Countryside”.
  • Gemstone & Jewelry Shop Open House: Visit the Northern Lights Gemstone shop in downtown Ananda Village, peruse through the existing hand-made jewelry and check out the shop in the back.

Garden Entry


Weekend Day Visit
  • Tulip Garden Entry
  • Meditation & Yoga Classes
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From To Activity
10am 5pm Tulip Garden open
10am 12pm Living Wisdom School Open House1
10:30am 11:20am Ananda Yoga Class
11:20am 12:20pm How to Meditate Class
11:30am 12:15pm Temple of Light Tour
12:30am 2pm Lunch at Expanding Light Retreat2
1:15pm 2pm Expanding Light Retreat Tour
2pm 3pm Sharing Nature Activity
2:15pm 3:15pm Yogoata Goat Dairy Tour
12pm 4:30pm Blacksmith Shop Open
Luthiery Shop Open

*Schedule may vary slightly per day, subject to change without notice.
1Living Wisdom School Open House on Sat, April 25th only
2Lunch at Expanding Light Retreat for VIP badge-holders only (pre-reservation)

“Ideal place for a walk through beauty. Magnificent flowers and views.”J. Bettas, Google Review