Best Tulip festival…

Thank you for an amazing tulip festival.  See you next year!  Same time, same place.  Mark your calendars. It is every April!

Amazing photos from the weekend

Tulips are going strong

The gardens will be open through Mother’s Day May 8, 2022.  There are still hundreds of tulips budding that have not bloomed.  It has been amazing to experience such a prolonged tulip season.

These photos were taken by Kial James of Northern California Scenics during our 2nd Annual Photo Walk.

So much still to see..

The tulip season is not waning. As the rains leave our area the cool weather will prolong the tulip blooms and make it for perfect weather for your visit if you’re coming this weekend and into next week.

Live video from yesterday

Good Weather, Peak blooms

Gorgeous Easter Sunday. This coming week is going to be a perfect time to visit. The weather will be cool and sunny. We have break from the rains. The tulips are in peak bloom!

Good Day Sacramento

Call time was early for Good Day Sacramento.

Upper Gardens

Lower Gardens

As you can see the tulips are just fine after a storm came through last night. They’re quite beautiful with icicles on flowers and trees.

Open in Any Weather Condition

It is cold and rainy all week with here is a chance of snow.  A drastic change from yesterday’s beautiful weather. What’s it like to visit? Youtuber Stephanie Farrell walks a detailed vlog titled Surviving the “Surviving the Hail Storm to Photograph the Tulips.”

The tulips love this weather and no, they won’t get damaged. They close their blooms to protect themselves from the elements. Remember they’re from Holland. 🥰😘

If you’re visiting dress in layers, bring a raincoat and umbrella. The best thing about visiting now is you might have the garden to yourself.

Second Week Report

Thanks to the heat wave thousands of tulips are blooming and hundreds more everyday.  This coming week check the weather reports.  It is going to be 3 days of rain and very cold weather.  Please remember to wear layers, bring umbrellas and rain jackets.  Don’t worry about the tulips they love the rain and cold.  The cool down will slow things down for a longer tulip season.

Opening Day

The Kwanzan cherry trees are making an early debut to steal the show.  Hundreds of people showed up for opening day.  Several hundred tulips are in bloom along with hundreds of pansies, dogwood trees, camelias, daffodils, hyacinth, and peonies.  Everyday hundreds more tulips will bloom. Next week the warm weather (80 degrees) will paint the flower beds with an array of colors.  We hope to see you in the garden.

Not an April Fools Joke

Opening Day April 1st is Friday. This is not an April Fool’s joke. The weather around the upper 60’s which makes it a perfect time to be in the gardens. It is beautiful and bright in the garden. The Kwanzan cherry trees are starting to bloom. There are dozens of tulips blooming and everyday more will pop their colors. The wisteria over the collonade is also showing color. Next week, if the weather warms up there will be more tulips and the double blooms on the cherry trees will explode.

Best Gardens in West

Good morning from the tulip gardens. As you can see from the pictures. There is not a lot happening right now. This week’s warm weather in mid 80 degrees may speed things up a wee bit. Overall we think the tulip season will extend into the first week of May. If that happens you will be the first to know.

AAA Via readers feature Crystal Hermitage Gardens as Best Gardens in the West.

Not quite there yet

March 9, 2022
When we say 17,000 tulips it also means thousands of inter planting to create the beautiful garden beds filled with flowers.
Here is the short list: 110 flower beds, 10,000 forget me not, 5,000 pansies, 100 woodland hyacinths and so much more!

Count down to opening day

March 1, 2022
The gardens are not ready yet. The Crystal Hermitage staff and Green Team garden volunteers are still planting tulip bulbs and 10,000 Forget Me Not plants in between the Dutch bulbs. We will let you in on a secret. Just when we think it might not happen because there is nothing happening Mother Nature takes over and it is simply mesmerizing. It always starts with a speck of colorthen explodes into a dazzling display of beauty and color.

What’s new in the garden?  Every year we plant over 100 tulip varieties.  We updated our  2022 Tulip Quiz for kids (5 years to 90 years) to identify a few in our garden.  Pro tip:  not all tulips bloom at the same time.