Spiritual Statues

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  • Lahiri Mahasaya
  • Sri Yukteswar
  • Paramhansa Yogananda

About the Statue Craftsmanship

Our Statues are lovingly and carefully hand crafted using the original marble craving as casted by the sculptor in Jaipur.

When our statues are molded in this manner they are subjected to the same imperfections as the original casting.

Also, there might be slight variations in the finish. Call us if you have questions.

The photos on this site are accurate. The complete description of the casting process and the people involved can be read at the bottom of this page.

Jesus Christ

8″ Statue24″ Statue

Babaji Krishna

8″ Statue24″ Statue

Lahiri Mahasaya

8″ Statue24″ Statue

Sri Yukteswar

8″ Statue24″ Statue

Paramhansa Yogananda

8″ Statue24″ Statue

Mother Mary & Indian Statues