Babaji simply means “revered father.” Though the great master’s birth name and date are unknown, he is known to occasionally appear to advanced yogis. After the vision of Jesus, Babaji agreed to send someone to the West, although the person he would choose was not yet born (Paramhansa Yogananda). Babaji works in humble obscurity. His disciple, Lahiri Mahasaya said that “Whenever anyone utters with reverence the name of Babaji, that devotee attracts an instant spiritual blessing.”

Available in 4 different finishes including our unique marble polymer resin blend.

Shipping Details
All orders: Please contact us directly to find out shipping and handling costs. When you purchase a 24″ statue, you will not be charged for the shipping. Instead, we will invoice you with cost of shipping via Paypal (which allows the use of a credit card). Once you pay the invoice, we will process your order.

It takes 3 weeks to ship your 24″ statue order. 24″ statues are custom made and will be shipped in a special crate by our manufacturer.

International Orders: Unavailable

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Statue Care
Our “Marble Blend” statues are very unique and have a beautiful, translucent glow and are recommended for indoor use only.

All of our other statues are cast in eco-friendly polymer resin then painted with different colors. They are suitable for outdoor use, but harsh sunlight should still be avoided.

Clear, matte finish sealants are used on our Almond, White, and Bronze statues to help protect them from most weather conditions. It’s always a good idea to bring the statues inside during extreme weather. Statues are easy to keep clean with a soft cloth and mild, non-abrasive soap and water. Small, soft nylon brushes can take care of the hard to get places.