It’s starting.

Creating a beautiful tulip garden is not a simple task. Scores of volunteers and staff, like Ric have already planted 6,000 bulbs and 2,000 bedding plants such as pansies and forget me not. Planting starts with pulling out existing summer garden plants and flowers.

Then we prep the soil, plant bulbs, go back over the planted bulbs and plant bedding plants in the fall and winter. In the spring just before the gardens open volunteers will plant additional pansies and forget me not flowers.  Stay tuned for a detailed report on garden design process with lead garden designer Nancy and Keri Mair.


  1. Hi there, what time will you be open this Friday, April 26th? Can we get tickets there or do we need to buy online?

    1. Yes we will be open. It looks like we will be going until May 5th. The weather will cool down and the tulips will last longer. You can buy tickets online or at the door.

      1. Kathleen,

        We are open everyday 10AM to 5PM as it states on our front page.

        1. For some reason I haven’t been able to see it. I feel like I looked high and low and I even called but nobody answered the phone. Thank you for clearing that up for me! ♡

  2. Hi Mai!
    I would love to come see the tulip bloom this year! I just learned of it last year but I was too late for the bloom. What day of the week is the slowest, usually? I’d like to do photography and video; and share my experience on my social media pages. Do you offer media passes or have a special day for this? If not, how does the ticketing work? Do I need to buy in advance for a specific day/time or are they good for anytime? Thank you for the beautiful work you do and any information you can pass on.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hello Susan,

      Thanks for writing and inquiring. During the week is the best time to come. Weekends can get crowded. If you want to email us a link to your social media sites we will review it for possible media passes. Tickets will be available for purchase 2/21.



  3. Hello,
    I have been planning on bringing a group of ladies from my church this April to see the garden. How many days a week is it open and what is the entrance fee? Do you have a Restaurant on the property? Thank you for any information you can provide me.

    1. Marilyn,

      Tickets are $8 for weekday and $10 for weekends. $16 for season tickets. We have several options for lunch:

      1. $55 April 13, 2019 we have a VIP Ananda Experience Package which includes a tour, lunch and tea. February 21, 2019 the tickets will be available online.
      2. You can call Expanding Light Retreat and reserve your lunch. It’s located 1 mile away from the gardens.
      3. Master’s Market has hot lunches
      4. We are also in the process of offering a Nevada City packages where visitors can have lunch at participating restaurants in town. This is coming soon.

  4. I have been told by three friends that the garden is a fantastic and peaceful place to visit, so my plans are to make the trip happen this. Spring. 2019.

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